Boba Lab

Visual Identity

Branding for my own imagery boba shop, Boba Lab, from visual identity to social media content creations. 

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp.png

Opening my own boba shop has been a dream of mine since I was 18. My love for boba led me to brand my own boba shop, 'Boba Lab' for an integrated branding project. I created a logotype as well as brand extensions. The theme inspired by a laboratory where one would test and invent some goodness for the world to see.

Window Sign Mockup.png

Setting up a photoshoot for my shop was fun, please don't ask me how many times I spitted a tea on my background... but I rolled with it. I am very happy with the final result!


Moreover, I was into motion graphics lately, so here's an example of a small motion graphic that I did as a part of Boba Lab's branding. It could be used on social media platforms to grab viewer's attention.