Shoot + Chim

The work I did during the “Shoot + Chim: Food Photography” workshop in July 2021.  I had so much fun bringing the art of communication and food styling to create effective conceptual work. 

Art Directing, Photography, Food Styling

It was fun art directing my own shot! I always wanted to create something fun and vibrant yet convert my love for food. Especially, for this dish; Moo-Ping!  “Moo-Ping” or “Skewered Grilled Pork” has always been my most favorite Thai comfort food and my go-to breakfast when I was a kid. I love to eat skewered grilled pork so much and I can’t live without them.

"When I was asked to shoot and recreate an unforgettable meal shot, the moment that I cried over a summer-reading-book at the restaurant popped right up in my head... everything is still vivid on the back of my memory."

“The House on Mango Street” and “Esperanza" was the book and the character that I have love-hate relationship with. I remembered this meal so well. It happened during my first year living in the States as an exchange student from Thailand and English wasnt my primary language. Imagine the struggles that I had to deal with... Having to finish an English book in one day was a real challenge for me. I had a hard time reading the book, moreover, I kept seeing a lot of the word “Esperanza” as I read and I found it a little annoyed... So I decided to take a break from a book and went to Mellow Mushroom to grab some food to brighten up my mood. And guess what! I found “Esperanza” dressing on the menu! I broke down in tears at the table after seeing another “Esperanza.” To see the word “Esperanza” outside of the book triggered my brain like "SHE IS EVERYWHERE, I’m taking a break from you so why are you keep following me!?” I was so done and about to give up on the book, but I forced myself to finish it on a couple days. After that, all was good.


Having a chance to revisit my teenaged memories was nice. It’s been 10 years since that meal, it was funny thinking about it. I don’t know why my 15 years-old-self was so dramatic and super sensitive over a summer-reading-book...